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        about us
        Provide Web Design and Development Services For Your Business

        About Us

        Cyber Designz is a leading web solution provider company functioning under its parent company Sybo Technologies. Our rates are very affordable and lesser than the market. Our professional website designers are highly skilled in all forms of web application development including graphics design and interactive business software development.


        Our vision is to provide world class high tech solutions to clients globally at the lowest possible rates.


        Cyber designs was founded by an experienced Executive with the vision of providing quality services. We have experienced Software Developers, Web Designers working round the clock to add to your business growth.

        Low Cost

        Our rates significantly lower than market price.


        We emphasize efficiency, responsibility, hard work, timeliness yet encourage creativity, teamwork and fresh vision.

        Areas of Work

        Our sister concerns, Knowledge BPO and OurTech Solutions have experience in:

        Computer Technical Support
        Wireless Support

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